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Book: Instant Citrix Security How-to

I got myself a copy of this small book (75 pages). In this book there are step-by-step instructions, including screenshots :), about securing your Citrix environment with the help of a Citrix Netscaler. Although I’m not that deep into the whole Netscaler jibba jabba, I find this book very helpfull and it gives a lot of real world recipes to get the job done. These are the topics:
  • DMZ;
  • Triple A;
  • Surge/Burst;
  • Content Switching;
  • Zombie Cleanup;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • DOS and attack preventions; (I like this topic :))
  • Learning application firewall;
  • Access Gateway integation forn XA and XD
  • Network Management.
Carmel Jacob, good job 🙂 Click here or on the image below to get your copy 🙂 1849686734