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Momenteel is Jeroen beschikbaar voor 1 dag in de week.

The recipe for ‘Kapsalon’

Oké guys, here is a recipe for the famous Dutch ‘Kapsalon’. Long time ago there was a hairdresser who ordered this meal every time at his local ‘shoarmazaak’ (kebabroom???). The cook didn’t have a name for the recipe and named it: ‘Kapsalon’ (Barbershop). Because the guy worked in a barbershop. And that’s enough history lessons for today. Here are the ingredients:

  • 450g Kebab;
  • 500g French fries;
  • Cheese;
  • Lettuce;
  • Cucumber;
  • Tomato;
  • Red onion;
  • Lot’s off Garlic sauce (I don’t know the correct English word for that Emoticon die tong uitsteekt).
Roast the kebab. foto-16
Fry the French fries. (I use oven fries. I’ts less creasy Knipogende emoticon) Oops, forgot to take a picture…
Cut the cucumber and cheese. foto-17
Grap a baking dish. foto-19
And now the trick Knipogende emoticon First make a layer of French fries. foto-20
Then a layer kebab. foto-21
Then complete cover it with cheese. foto-22
Put it in the grill (only top grill). And remove it when the cheese is melted. foto-23
Cover it with lettuce, cucumber, red onion, tomato.(we don’t have the onions and tomato Knipogende emoticon) foto-24
Cover it with Garlic Sauce (knoflooksaus, shoarmasaus) foto-25

And that’s all. Leave a comment when you tried it Knipogende emoticon

Bon Appetit, Jeroen.

Citrix WebInterface 5.4.0 Nederlandse Vertaling

Jawel daar is hij dan. Na veel uurtjes in de avond te hebben gekeken naar schermen en text files is hij dan eindelijk af. De Dutch Language Files voor de Citrix WebInterface 5.4.0

In de vertaling zijn niet de error/foutmeldingen meegenomen. Dit omdat er natuurlijk weinig te vinden is hierover op internet. Foutmeldingen naar de gebruikers zelf zijn wel vertaald.

Als resources heb ik oude vertalingen gebruikt, met dank daarvoor aan Aleks Nikolic, Martijn Bosschaart, Pieter Verkiel en vooral Peter Huegen welke een groot deel van deze versie heeft vertaald.

Opmerking: Deze vertaling is een extra taal voor de StoreFront. Dit houd in dat de originele talen nog steeds blijven werken. Aan de hand van de regional settings van de gebruiker wordt de juiste taal ingesteld.

NTFS rights for auto creating home directory

When a user logs on into a new environment, whether or not managed by RES PowerFuse, it’s always good to have a backup script in place for setting up the missing home drive. For instance my file share for hosting the home directories is \\FILESERVER\USERS$. There everyone has a folder equal to his Username. So my home directory would be \\FILESERVER\USERS$\Jeroen

But. When the folder Jeroen doesn’t exist I want to auto create it by an ‘External Task’ (RES PowerFuse) or login script.

To do this, add the following line in the loginscript.


Or create an External Task (before running any other task, runonce, no time-out, wait before continue), in RES PowerFuse with that line.

Now the tricky part. Because that script is run with the users his credentials, the NTFS rights on the share must be pretty damn good Winking smile. Otherwise, other users can access folders from other users.



Apply To

Administrators (Or Domain Admins) Full Control This folder, subfolders and files
Authenticated Users Traverse Folder, List Folder, Read Attribute, Create Folder, Read Permissions This folder only
CREATOR OWNER Modify Subfolders and files only
SYSTEM Full Control This folder, subfolders and files


Small book review: Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook

I’ve got myself a copy of the book: Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook. In this book there is a lot and I mean really a lot nerdy stuff about the new Hyper-V role in Server 2012. It tells you, in depth, how to install/configure and maintenance a complete Hyper-V environment. Every chapter is dived into:
  • Introduction about the chapter;
  • Getting Ready;
  • How to do it;
  • How it works.
Where possible the are some extra’s like:
  • PowerShell or other scripts;
  • Best practices;
  • Tips and Tricks.
The book covers everything a Hyper-V nerd needs to know 😉 Click on the logo to go directly to the book. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook