Hello, tech fans! Let’s talk about Jeroen, an IT guru whose journey in technology has been full of excitement and innovation for many years.

It all began in 1987 when Jeroen, just 8 years old, started playing games with the famous Commodore 64. He got interested in writing his own programs after peeking into the sourcecode of his favourite games. Even at a young age, his parents encouraged his passion for programming by enrolling him in a BASIC course at only 8 years old.

As a teenager, from 15 to 19, Jeroen worked at “International Computer Products,” starting as a computer builder and quickly becoming skilled in managing their computer systems. In 1996, he made a big leap by setting up a Citrix Winframe system, connecting people from different countries using old-school modems. He was one of the first to use high-speed internet in the Netherlands, which was pretty cool back then.

Embarking on the age of 19 and beyond, Jeroen’s professional trajectory shifted to consultancy, immersing him in the dynamic landscape of Citrix environments across the Netherlands. He navigated through industry milestones – the acquisition of Ardence, the emergence of RES Software (PowerMenu), the dawn of Softricity (Softgrid equating to App-V), the integration of NetScaler, and the twilight of Novell and its beloved GroupWise. In 2015, Jeroen ascended to the role of Senior Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) at Citrix, serving as the technical contact for enterprise customers in the EMEA region.

In 2017, Jeroen decided to start his own business, focusing on the Nutanix platform. Today, he’s the only certified Nutanix trainer in the Netherlands, with expert knowledge in various IT areas like Nutanix, Citrix, Office 365, Azure, and more.

Beyond certifications, Jeroen’s expertise spans a vast spectrum, from designing and implementing IT components to troubleshooting and optimizing environments. His toolkit encompasses Nutanix, PKI environments, User Workspaces, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, Intune, SCCM, VMWare, and the entire Citrix portfolio.

Jeroen doesn’t just fix IT problems; he’s also passionate about sharing his knowledge through talks and teaching sessions. Whether he’s solving IT puzzles, training other professionals, or staying updated on the latest tech trends, Jeroen is a shining star in the world of IT. Join him on the journey into the future of technology, where his experience and expertise shine bright.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ha Jeroen, ik zag je naam bij Bas van Kaams blog staan. Vet filmpje trouwens van afgelopen 9 mei. Zou ik niet durven. 😉 Wellicht niet de goede plek maar mag ik je misschien een vraag stellen over citrix engineers? Groet, Rolf

  2. Heee Jeroen
    Hoe is het Kerel?
    Zie dat je nog steeds racefanaat ben alleen ben je nu geen gevaar meer op de weg 😉 maar op circuit.
    Ik heb me mail achtergelaten laat ff iets horen
    Wil je over de mail even een vraag stellen


  3. Hoi Jeroen,

    Heb jij n mail-adres zodat ik je een job description kan sturen? Ik denk interessant voor jou of n andere ‘technical fellow’ (mits ZZP en dat ben ik dan weer niet 😉 ). Thx, Rene

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