Nutanix Cluster Expansion on ESX

I needed to expand a cluster running Nutanix on ESX. There is a cluster expansion guide available from Nutanix which can be found here: But I want to show the steps involved doing this. 😉 After racking and stacking the new nodes make sure they are connected to switch…

Single Sign On Nutanix Prism Central

This post provides a guide on setting up Prism Central (2023.4) to integrate with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) for Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML. It outlines the steps to configure SAML authentication by downloading metadata from Prism Central, creating a custom application in Microsoft Entra, assigning users or groups,…

Repurpose old Nutanix hardware

Revive old Nutanix clusters by installing Nutanix Community Edition. Document all node IP addresses and ensure proper switch connection. Use a bootable USB with MBR scheme or mount the CE installer ISO via IPMI. Select the correct disks matching the CE requirements and input the proper IP configurations during installation.

Nutanix Erasure Coding Example

Erasure Coding in a 4-node Nutanix cluster provided a 25% data reduction in the author’s lab by efficiently shrinking ‘write-cold’ data using storage optimization. Testing with virtual machines.

Single Node Cluster with Replication Factor 2

The post describes setting up Replication Factor 2 on a single-node cluster running Community Edition. After installing CE on a VM with specific disk configurations, a new cluster is created with the desired redundancy factor. The post concludes with a positive impression of the results in Prism Element.

Nutanix SSH Scripts

The post provides a list of script commands for easier virtual machine management, focusing on filtering and executing commands for different VM tasks. It includes commands for powering off, shutting down, turning on VMs, managing vGPU profiles, deleting VMs, and listing VM attributes. Additionally, it covers starting curator scans and…

Installing Nutanix Community Edition (CE) on VMware ESXi/vSphere

This blog post explains how to install a three-node Nutanix cluster nested in VMware ESXi/vSphere. Requirements include IP addresses, memory, CPUs, and storage. Detailed steps on creating virtual machines, installing Nutanix CE, and checking cluster status are provided. Final instructions cover accessing and configuring the cluster. For a 1-node cluster,…

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