Welcome to my new website. My name is Jeroen Tielen. I’m a freelance workspace and mobility consultant/architect. My expertise is designing, implementing and configuring (mobile) workspaces. I’m certified on the whole Citrix and Microsoft stack and can help you with questions like: “Do we need to migrate to the cloud?”, “Do we need to implement a mobile MDM/MAM solution?”, “Is my data safe in the cloud?” etcetera etcetera. And when there are issues in the environment, which you can’t solve, don’t hesitate to call me. I love to troubleshoot.

Latest Blog Posts

New Bike Design

Eindelijk is het zover en kan ik het nieuwe design van mijn motor onthullen. (Die van Rene volgt later). Na veel heen en weer ge-whatsapp met Nick (MKS Graphics) zijn we tot onderstaand ontwerp gekomen. Read more…

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