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JeroenHello, I’m Jeroen Tielen from the Netherlands. I’m working for Citrix as a Sr. Technical Relationship Manager. If you want to know more about my role as a TRM read the following  PDF 😉 I started working with Citrix products back in 1996. The product was WinFrame. Since then I love to work with the whole Citrix portfolio and learned at lot in the years. Momentarly I have all Citrix certifications and a bunch of others (Microsoft, VMware, AppSense and RES Software).

I started this blog to share my experience with you guys. Feel free to comment on the posts on this blog

My biggest hobby is riding the motorbike as fast as possible on the track. For my personal race blog browse to www.tyl.nl. For 7 years I have been teaching other drivers how to race on the track. I’ve done this for: www.race-academy.com, www.racecracks.nlwww.vabene.nl and www.2theexperience.nl

Everything on this blog is my personal opinion and not my employers.

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  1. Ha Jeroen, ik zag je naam bij Bas van Kaams blog staan. Vet filmpje trouwens van afgelopen 9 mei. Zou ik niet durven. 😉 Wellicht niet de goede plek maar mag ik je misschien een vraag stellen over citrix engineers? Groet, Rolf

  2. Heee Jeroen
    Hoe is het Kerel?
    Zie dat je nog steeds racefanaat ben alleen ben je nu geen gevaar meer op de weg 😉 maar op circuit.
    Ik heb me mail achtergelaten laat ff iets horen
    Wil je over de mail even een vraag stellen


  3. Hi Jeroen,
    Actually I am looking for a solution to migrate the Xen Desktop 7.x enviroenment to one domain to another domain. There is a two way trust between both the domains. We have 2 DDC and 2 SF and 2 PVS and 2 License server and two netscaller appliances in the citrix environment. These all are running on separate servers and SQL server is in cluster.

    Dinesh Pandey

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