Run a specific task sequence job only for laptops

When there is a one OSD for all type’s of computers in the network and you want specific software deployed only on laptops, here is the howto Winking smile

What’s the differences between a laptop and a desktop? Correct, the battery. So the simplest way to achieve our goal is to check if there is a battery present in the system.

Open the OSD Task Sequence and add the required step.

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Slow NIC speed on battery power

When running on battery power, my laptop has slow network speed. When connecting the adapter the network speed is normal Knipogende emoticon

Open the registry, expand to: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class

Search for: AutoPowerSaveModeEnabled

Change the value to: 0


Before: 99% (10Mbps)


After: 10% (1Gbps)