Random background in StoreFront and NetScaler logon pages

Perform the following steps to get a random background picture on the StoreFront and NetScaler logon page. For a demo visit https://portal.tyl.nl and refresh the page a couple of times. StoreFront: First we start by gathering all the background pictures you want (dont forget copyrights) ; Upload the pictures to… Continue reading

Slow NIC speed on battery power

When running on battery power, my laptop has slow network speed. When connecting the adapter the network speed is normal Open the registry, expand to: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class Search for: AutoPowerSaveModeEnabled Change the value to: 0 Before: 99% (10Mbps) After: 10% (1Gbps) Continue reading

NTFS rights for auto creating home directory

When a user logs on into a new environment, whether or not managed by RES PowerFuse, it’s always good to have a backup script in place for setting up the missing home drive. For instance my file share for hosting the home directories is \FILESERVER\USERS$. There everyone has a folder… Continue reading