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Create local ISO Storage in XenServer from remaining space on boot Disk

imageWhen installing a XenServer there is a question in the setup wizard which asks where to place the virtual machine files. You can choose your storage and even the remaining space on the boot disk. But where to place to ISO files then? You have to create a NFS share or SMB or whatever Knipogende emoticon to accomplish that. But in a 1 host environment it handy to have it on the same host. I will explain how-to use the remaining free space on the boot disk for an ISO storage repository.

Prevent SCCM from installing files on a specific drive

By default, the Configuration Manager 2007 site server role component installation files are installed on the first available NTFS formatted disk drive with the most available free disk space. However, some files are not installed in the default installation folder. For example, files are installed in the following folders:

  • The SMS_CCM folder (if the management point site system role is enabled on the computer);
  • The Inetpub\wwwroot\SMSComponent and Inetpub\wwwroot\SMSReporting_sitecode folders (if the reporting point role is enabled on the computer);
  • The %Windir%\System32 folder.

Configuration Manager 2007 will not install site role component files on a drive that contains a file named no_sms_on_drive.sms. Instead, site role components will be installed on a different NTFS formatted disk drive that does not contain the no_sms_on_drive.sms file.

The no_sms_on_drive.sms file prevents site system role component installation, on a drive with this file present, for all site systems that are installed by site component manager. If site role installation files are already present on the drive before placing the no_sms_on_drive.sms file on the drive, the installation files are not moved.

  1. Create an empty file named no_sms_on_drive.sms.

  2. Place the no_sms_on_drive.sms file at the root folder of any drive that you want to prevent Configuration Manager 2007 from installing files on.

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