1. I found this script from https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/1005700/show-usermame-linked-to-upd-drive

    I would like to point out that your script doesn’t properly handle the situation where the user has been deleted. The script will apply the username from a previous file, because the variables are not initialized each time.

    I am not a coder either, but I have updated the script to put “UNKNOWN” if the SID cannot be translated back to a username.

    #——————————– Script ——————————–

    $Files = gci $UPD_Location -Name

    Foreach ($SID in $Files) {
    If ($SID -match “.vhdx”) {
    $SID = $SID.Substring(5) -replace “.vhdx”
    If ($SID-match “template”) {
    Write-Host “Template File”
    } Else {
    $objUser = “UNKNOWN”
    $UserName = “UNKNOWN”
    $objSID = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier ($SID)
    $objUser = $objSID.Translate( [System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])
    $UserName = $objUSer.Value.trim(“$DomainName\”)
    $TextFile = $UPD_Location + “\UVHD-” + $SID + ” ” + $UserName + “.txt”
    New-Item $TextFile -ItemType file -Force

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