6 thoughts on “Microsoft User Profile Disks Policy Template

  1. Brilliant work.

    When you mention:
    This file should be placed in C:\Windows\RemotePackages\RDFarm on each machine where UPD’s are being used.

    Does it mean each session host/XenApp server in the collection?

    1. Hi Fahd,

      Yes you are correct. On every XenApp/Session host server in the farm/Site ;). That is why it is easier to add the files in the same GPO in the Preferences section.

      1. Hi. I have downloaded the ADMX files & imported them. But i unable to find the location where i can configure it in Group policy.

        can you please help me with the location where the template gets imported in Group Policy.

        1. Hi Rohan,

          You can find them here: Computer Configuration –> Policies –> Administrative Templates –> Microsoft User Profile Disks


          1. Hi Jeroen,
            i have copied across the templates but they are not visible when I launch the GPMC & browse to the location suggested.

            Am I missing a trick here or is it possible for you email me the templates.

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