When you are running Citrix VADs on a Nutanix HCI environment you are one of the lucky ones having an awesome infrastructure. (Or when you are not happy about it give me a call/email, and I make sure you will be happy again). The only thing is all those snapshots on your golden/master image. We all know it will break when you are removing old snapshots and then update the Machine Catalog.

26 snapshots on the master image.

When remove the previous 25 (or just random ones) snapshots and updating the Computer Catalog or creating a new one will throw in an error.

But that is easy so solve:

  • Make a note of the current MAC address of the original master image;
  • Clone your master image to a new virtual machine;
  • When the clone is done remove the mac address of the new master image;
  • Delete the old master image;
  • Attach a new NIC with the original mac address to the new master image;
    • From CVM:  acli vm.nic_create <vm name> network=<network name> mac=<new MAC address>
  • Rename the new master image virtual machine to match the old master image (Just the vm name in Prism);
  • Create a snapshot;
  • Update the machines catalog(s);
  • Let your OCD sleep again 😉


Jeroen Tielen

Experienced Consultant/Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Ivanti, etc.


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