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Did you ever noticed a delay when pressing you home button on a iOS device? (iPhone/iPod/iPad). With the delay, I’m referring to that it takes a little time to close the running application. Your iOS device is designed to run smoothly en really snappy. But closing an application can sometimes take op to a bit more than a second. Try it out for yourself. Or your friend’s device. Noticed it??? No?? Then you probably know every setting in your device Knipogende emoticon And you switched off everything you don’t need. But when you do notice it , here is the solution.

In iOS there are a couple of settings to make live a little easier. Think about: VoiceOver, White on Black, Zoom and AssistiveTouch.  These settings can be accessed by triple press the home button. When the first press of the home button is initiated, iOS will wait a while (approx. 1 second) for the next press (fast app switch) and for the third press (functions I mentioned above). When you don’t need this functionality, switch it off.

Go to: Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> (at the bottom) Triple-click Home –> Set it to: OFF.

Check it again. Much more snappier isn’t it Knipogende emoticon (And YES, it’s a little “Captain Obvious” Knipogende emoticon)

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There is a way to Recalibrate your Home Button when it isn’t responding like it was when you purchased your device.

Step 1) – The very first thing you will need to do is launch a stock iOS app like the Calendar, Stocks, YouTube etc.

Step 2) – Once the stock iOS app of your choice has been launched you will need to hold the power button (located on the top of your iOS Device) until the Slide To Power Off toggle appears.

Step 3) – As soon as you see the Slide To Power Off toggle appear you will need to quickly hold the home button until this toggle disappears.

Step 4) – When it does disappear you will have successfully recalibrated your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s home button.

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