SCCM Remote Control for Servicedesk

Within SCCM there is a functionality to remote control desktops. Because all the desktops and laptops have a SCCM client installed, it’s the logical way to use this feature. So no extra third party software must be installed/deployed.

On the site server the are two files named: rc.exe and rdpencom.dll Copy these two file to the servicedesk desktops so they can access them. (for Windows 2000 clients use remote.exe)


Open the SCCM Management Console and navigate to: Client Agents. Right click on: Remote Tools Client Agent select: Properties.


Add the Servicedesk User Group in the security tab.


And your done. When the rc.exe is started. Click: File –> Connect. Give the computer name to remote control, wait for acceptance and happy shadowing. Knipogende emoticon

image     image

Q: Howto arrange remote control for the servidesk with the SCCM tools?

A: Copy rc.exe and rdpencom.dll from Site server to servicedesk, give servicedesk group rights to permit remote control.

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