Howto ask for computername when deploying task sequence

When creating a task sequence to deploy an operating system. It’s possible to ask for a computername when running the task sequence on a unknown computer, for instance a new computer.

Advertise (‘NO’ mandatory assignment) the task sequence to the collection: All Unknown Computers.
image image 
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Right click on the collection: All Unknown Computers and select: Modify Collection Settings.


Go to tab: Collection Variables click on the new variable icon. Give the variable the name: OSDcomputerName and leave the value empty.


When booting the task sequence, on a new computer (or remove the computer first in sccm) the following screens will appear:

image image

When the following screen appears, double click on the variable and give the right computername for the new computer.


p align=”left”>image image
The task sequence will install the new computer with the new given computername.

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