Self Service Plugin / StoreFront / Merchandising Server / Citrix Access Gateway (Part4)

Welcome back, in the previous post, we have configured the CAG and the StoreFront server to enable access to the internal XenApp/XenDesktop environment with a web browser. Now we are going to enable the environment to support internal and external access with the Self Service Plugin (Dazzle). First upgrade all receivers to the latest versions. Citrix Receiver 3.2 is necessary to get this working.

Logon to the admin panel on the CAG. Edit the logonpoint that we made in part3. Make changes so that the logonpoint looks like this:


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Self Service Plugin / StoreFront / Merchandising Server / Citrix Access Gateway (Part3)


Welcome back, in this part I’m going to talk about the configuration between the CAG and StoreFront server. While I’m typing this blog there are some new releases. First off all the new version of the Receiver Storefront is v1.1. And there are new Citrix Receivers clients for OSX and Windows. All of my testing is done with the new versions. (As of April 2012)

I want to point out that this blog is how-to configure the StoreFront and the CAG (VPX) without the Self Service Plug-In (that blog comes later). What I’m going to show is how users connect to the environment with the help of a webbrowser (So only the Storefront StoreWeb site).


Self Service Plugin / StoreFront / Merchandising Server / Citrix Access Gateway (Part1)

Here’s a little blog post about the StoreFront Express (CloudGateway Express) behind a Citrix Access Gateway and the Merchandising server. What I want is to deliver the Self Service Plugin to the end users as easy/simple as possible.

In Part 1 I’m going to show you what the Citrix Receiver looks on Windows and OSX and how the Self Service Plugin looks. There are tiny bit’s about customizing the StoreFront.

Oké here is my lab environment:

LAB Jeroen


Nederlandse Vertaling CloudGateway Express / StoreFront Express 1.0 en 1.1

Hierbij de Nederlandse vertaling van de CloudGateway Express of StoreFront Express Knipogende emoticon 1.0 en 1.1.

In de vertaling zijn weer niet de error/foutmeldingen meegenomen. Dit omdat er natuurlijk weinig te vinden is hierover op internet. Foutmeldingen naar de gebruikers zelf zijn wel vertaald.

De installatie is ditmaal handmatig. Omdat hij zo reuze eenvoudig is dat het makkelijk met de hand kan.

Opmerking: Deze vertaling is een extra taal voor de StoreFront. Dit houd in dat de originele talen nog steeds blijven werken. Aan de hand van de regional settings van de gebruiker wordt de juiste taal ingesteld.


Customizing the Cloud Gateway Logon Screen

Update: Post, superseded by:

After my successful blogpost about the Web Interface (Link), it’s time for a new one for the CloudGateway. Although it’s a technical review and not released yet, I wanted to be earlier then Andrew Morgan Knipogende emoticon

This is the original Logon Page for the new Citrix Cloud Gateway:


It’s pretty easy to customize it. Here is the layout: