Self Service Plugin / StoreFront / Merchandising Server / Citrix Access Gateway (Part4)

Welcome back, in the previous post, we have configured the CAG and the StoreFront server to enable access to the internal XenApp/XenDesktop environment with a web browser. Now we are going to enable the environment to support internal and external access with the Self Service Plugin (Dazzle). First upgrade all receivers to the latest versions. Citrix Receiver 3.2 is necessary to get this working.

Logon to the admin panel on the CAG. Edit the logonpoint that we made in part3. Make changes so that the logonpoint looks like this:


(Click title to


Now make a new logonpoint named ‘mobile’ with the following settings:


Web Address: https://storefront.lab.local/citrix/store/pnagent
Home Page: https://storefronts.lab.local/citrix/store/pnagent/config.xml
Don’t forget to thick the checkmark: Authenticate with Web Interface.

This logonpoint is used for iOS/Android devices.

Open the Citrix Receiver StoreFront Management Console. Navigate to the authentication section. Enable: User name and password. This is because internal access and legacy access (iOS/Android) is going to be used.


In the Store section we enable Legacy Support.


And now the environment is ready to use the nice Self Service Plugin within the Citrix Receiver.

On the clients workstations open a web browser and login into the Receiver for Web website. On the left bottom corner click on the activate button (if you didn’t disabled it Winking smile) and let the magic begin.


Select: Add (Duhhh Winking smile)


Now the Citrix Receiver is configured to use the StoreFront server through the CAG. You can close the web browser and use the receiver instead.



The activate button downloads a file. This file can be distributed to other users to configure their receiver.

To configure the receiver on the iPhone/iPad. Open the receiver and add an account with the following url: https://fqdn/lp/mobile and let the receiver automatically do his thing. Winking smile

Stay tuned for part 5 where all the pieces come together Winking smile

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7 thoughts on “Self Service Plugin / StoreFront / Merchandising Server / Citrix Access Gateway (Part4)

  1. Jeroen,
    Did you manage to install SF 1.2 yet?
    I just upgraded without any worries. Works fine.
    Just wanted to let you know.


  2. Hi Jeroen,

    When connecting by iPad we get a message:
    There are no Apps available at this time.
    We’re using CAG504 (vpx) and StoreFront 1.2.
    Creating the LP as described and
    Everything else is working just fine (webinterface 5.4 and Storeweb)
    Any ideas?

  3. Jeroen,

    My problem is fixed. Thanks anyway.
    Notes: (if not already mentioned)
    no ssl certificate is needed on the StoreFront server
    Session reliability has to be disabled within the ticketing authorities (STA) settings (under gatways)
    The interface of our CAG are in lan and dmz. Not both in dmz.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Jeroen
    I have been trying to do exactly what your article describes for some time now and have used your guide as a comparison benchmark to my own setup. Firstly its great to see such a well documented example in an area where Citrix fail to deliver themselves.
    I am left with the same problem that Stephan describes (“No apps are available at this time” error on iPad receiver).
    I have tried disabling the session reliablity feature on Storefront as he suggested but with no success. Actually I believe this problem was fixed in an recent CAG update.
    My scenerio is slightly different in that I am using an Access Gateway Controller to configure the login points on a V5.04 CAG VPX appliance and to authenticate users rather than using the CAG to authenticate directly.
    I am also using Storefront 1.2
    My backend XenApp servers are V6.5
    My web browser clients are working perfectly, as are my Windows Receiver V3.3 clients, but the iPad receiver is proving more than troublesome.
    The iPad receiver works perfectly on the internal network so I know the connection to storefront server is good, just not through the CAG.
    The iPad receiver can also successfully talk externaly to the PNAgent legacy resource in Storefront.
    I am working on a proof of concept which involves using the Citrix Sharefile plugin in the latest iOS Citrix Receiver which needs to talk to Storefront through the CAG rather than the PNAgent resource.
    Any help much appreciated.


    1. Mark,

      Sorry for the late, verrrrrrry late reaction. Is the problem still there?

      My write-up about combining these product is currently out of date. When the time is tere. I will and wand to write a new one with all the new products/versions.

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