Citrix ADC / NetScaler Client IP or Subnet Black and Whitelist

Because all the commotion about the NetScaler vulrenability I decided to share my Client IP black and white list. This script will create a pattern set which you can fill with ip’s or subnets. This pattern set is used in a policy expression which is used in a responder policy…. Continue reading

Ubiquiti Unifi Controller SSL Certificate creation process

Ubiquiti has a little article on the site how to add yout own ssl certificate to your Unifi controller. But they made it a bit to complex 😉 Read article. First let me explain what kind of certificate the Unifi controller wants to have: The controller works with a keystore… Continue reading

How-to Register a VDA to a XenDesktop Controller?

There are a lot of questions about how-to register the VDA to the desired DDC or DDC’s. Citrix has its own Policies. And those policies are configurable in the Active Directory and in the Desktop Studio. Which is leading? And what are those settings? Must I use Active Directory Discovery… Continue reading