Create a Microsoft Failover Cluster on Nutanix

This simple blog post will show you how to create a Microsoft Failover Cluster on Nutanix. (Focussing only on the witness disk). There are some blogposts available already: But not one is showing the real steps for the witness disk. So I decided to share this with you…. Continue reading

Citrix ADC / NetScaler IPv6 Black and Whitelist

In this blog post from begining 2020 I created a black and white list for IPv4. Here is an update to achieve the same but then for IPv6. If you dont have IPv6 running already read this post 😉  Note 1: The defaults are just for example and you need… Continue reading

Enabling IPv6 on Citrix ADC and create simple IPv6 to IPv4 proxy

I’m seeing more and more IPv6 implementations in the wild. And even IPv6 only Citrix ADC gateways. I decided to write this blog post to get a head start how-to enable IPv6 and create a simple IPv6 load balancer (with IPv4 backend service) on the Citrix ADC. First we need… Continue reading

Random background in StoreFront and NetScaler logon pages

Perform the following steps to get a random background picture on the StoreFront and NetScaler logon page. For a demo visit and refresh the page a couple of times. StoreFront: First we start by gathering all the background pictures you want (dont forget copyrights) ; Upload the pictures to… Continue reading

Citrix ADC / NetScaler update to LDAPS

Microsoft is going to release an update which will turn off unsigned LDAP requests on Domain Controllers. This update will be released in March this year (2020). More information here: ADV190023 Although I assume everyone is already using LDAPS instead of LDAP like everyone already mitigated the ADC’s back in… Continue reading

Citrix ADC / NetScaler Client IP or Subnet Black and Whitelist

Because all the commotion about the NetScaler vulrenability I decided to share my Client IP black and white list. This script will create a pattern set which you can fill with ip’s or subnets. This pattern set is used in a policy expression which is used in a responder policy…. Continue reading