Customizing the Web Interface Logon Screen

I created an image where all the locations of files/images/code are for customizing the Web Interface logon screen. Use this for creating a corporate branded Web Interface.


Direct Link for better reading Knipogende emoticon

For instance a WHITE theme:


Or a BLACK theme:


Or a Fokke & Sukke theme:


Well you get the idea Knipogende emoticon

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  1. This is cool!!! It will be very useful for WebInterfaces hosted on Windows. I am sure You can do all the customizations whenever the web interface is being hosted on the netscaler 9.3 nc (nc= N-core). Again, Very good! Thanks
    Ivaylo Krumov

  2. The white theme looks very nice. How did you do that exactly?

  3. Just replace everything to be white 😉 When I have time I will create a downloadable package with the changed files 😉

  4. I am trying to figure out how to change the login box altogether. I like the previous version 5.3 login box and would like to use that instead. I have the old .png file, but cant figure out how to call it. I have been able to change the grey color in the box , but prefer to revert to the old box if possible.

  5. Did you create the dfownloadable package Sir

    • Viv, no I didn’t. Sorry 😉 I don’t have a running webinterface installation anymore. But following my instructions it isn’t so difficult te create.

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