Random background in StoreFront and NetScaler logon pages

Perform the following steps to get a random background picture on the StoreFront and NetScaler logon page. For a demo visit https://portal.tyl.nl and refresh the page a couple of times. StoreFront: First we start by gathering all the background pictures you want (dont forget copyrights) ; Upload the pictures to… Continue reading

Easy Customizing/Branding The Citrix Receiver for Web

A couple months ago I made a post about customizing the cloud gateway.The real name for that product is Citrix Receiver for Web and is part of the StoreFront Express. Digging deeper in the Receiver for Web I found that it is really easy to modify the appearance of that… Continue reading

Customizing the Cloud Gateway Logon Screen

Update: Post, superseded by: https://www.jeroentielen.nl/easy-customizingbranding-the-citrix-receiver-for-web/ After my successful blogpost about the Web Interface (Link), it’s time for a new one for the CloudGateway. Although it’s a technical review and not released yet, I wanted to be earlier then Andrew Morgan This is the original Logon Page for the new Citrix Cloud… Continue reading