Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m positive that working with the keyboard is way faster then working in combination with the mouse. But you must know the shortcuts-keystrokes-etc etc Knipogende emoticon So here is the list I’m using. The list is updated on a regular basis.

Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete

CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+V = Paste
CTRL+X = Cut
CTRL+Z = Undo
CTRL+Insert = Copy (This one I use very often, learned it in the old days Knipogende emoticon)
Shift+Insert = Paste
Shift+Delete = Permanently Delete

The Windows Key

Windows+R = Run
Windows+P = Projector/monitor/Dual/Etc (Keep Windows key pressed)
Windows+E = Explorer
Windows+D = Show Desktop (Press it again brings back the applications)
Windows+F = Find
Windows+L = Lock Windows
Windows+M = Minimize all the applications
Windows+Pause = Computer Management

Application Switching

ALT+TAB = Good old application switching
Shift+ALT+TAB = Reverse application switching
Windows+TAB = New Aero application switching
Windows+# (Like Windows+1) = The number equals the position of the application or icons in the taskbar.
Windows+T = Switching applications and icons on the taskbar with peak

Windows Explorer (Shortcuts within Windows Explorer)

ALT+Space = Right click on top left (Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, Close)
TAB = Switching area’s
Shift+F10 = Context menu of selected icon
Space = Select icon
ALT = Activate top menu


CTRL+Shift+Escape = Task Manager
CTRL+Escape = Start Menu
CTRL+ALT+Delete = Duhhhh Emoticon die tong uitsteekt

Internet Explorer

CTRL+TAB = Tab’s switching


CTRL+Enter = Send composed email


Q: So, how to show the desktop and right click on the recycled bin?
A: Windows+D, Navigate with arrows to recycled bin, SHIFT+F10.

Q: Why are you using SHIFT+F10, CTRL+Escape etc?
A: Long long time ago, there weren’t keyboards with the Windows keys. Knipogende emoticon

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