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I’m running my lab for years now. And it is always a changing thing. But last week I got my hands on an very old Citrix NetScaler MPX5550. It’s way past his warranty and I saved it from getting shredded πŸ˜‰ In my home I have a small 19″ rack with some hardware. It is in the garage which is the main entrance for me. So it would be great to have it up and running so I can see the nice illuminating logo and display when entering the house. But it will not fit. So I decided to make it fit πŸ˜›

As you can see on the picture the PSU can be moved up next to the mainboard. 1 of the 2 disk enclosure is not in use and can be removed. I have 40cm depth in the rack, so cutting it in half between the fans and the mainboard should make it fit (yeah I know what you are thinking now ;)). So let’s start stripping…

Now it is time to cut it in half πŸ˜›

Lets start assembling again and testing if all is still working.

After verified all is still working it was time to mount it into the rack.

Yeah look at that beauty.

I needed to use the two built in ports as those are a bit deeper so the class door can be closed. It is in a HA pair together with a VPX. But offcourse this one is set as primary node πŸ˜€

Now when entering the home I see my favourite peace of hardware shining. Welcome to the family MPX and your welcome saving your arse πŸ˜‰

Next project for the lab:

Just joking, I need to mount a separate CPU fan as I decided to ditch the fans. It is a 1155 socket so it is not hard to find a correct fan for it.


Got myself a nice Cooler Master CPU fan which is quiet as possible.Β  Did some modifications to the mounting and now all is quiet and cool.

Temperature is now steady 35 degrees:

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