FSLogix Shrink Event Logs

Microsoft released a new version of FSLogix (Build 2.9.8361.52326) which has the following in the release notes:

Feature: Added the ability to compact the user’s container during the sign-out phase.

More info can be read in the Release Notes

Now when this all is in place and working, the events are logged into the following eventlog:

When looking into that log on a SBC/XenApp server you will see a lot of logs.

To filter this  create a custom filter with the following XML:

Here is the xml:

 <query id="0" path="Microsoft-FSLogix-Apps/Operational">
  <select path="Microsoft-FSLogix-Apps/Operational">
   *[EventData[Data[@Name='WasCompacted' and (Data='true')]]

Note from the field: Make an event forwarding rule for all SBC/VDI machines to you management server and create a custom view from the forwarded events log. This will consolidate all messages into 1 log.

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