The Nutanix Network Crashcart a hidden gem

Each node node from the factory is pre-installed with AHV and AOS. Most of the times I just run foundation to install the correct versions and create the cluster. But sometimes (when the cluster needs to be up and running asap) I use the Network Crashcart utility. In this blog post I will show you how you can use it.

  1. Start all newly nodes and let them boot.
  2. Open the console (directly on the node, or via IPMI) to the host.
  3. Login with the default credentials root nutanix/4u
  4. Start: ./usr/local/bin/network-crashcart
    • If using AHV older then 20230302.100173 then start: /root/nutanix-network-crashcart/network_configuration
  1. Now fill in all correct information:
  1. In the screenshot you can set and see the following:
    • Select the interfaces to use in the default virtual switch;
    • Set the vlan tag for AHV and CVM;
    • The interfaces which are connected (link = yes).
  2. When done the hypervisor and controller vm will get their new settings. (that is why you need to do this from a console)
  3. Now when the interfaces are correctly setup you can create the cluster and run LCM to get the correct version.

    Please be aware then you can only run this when the node is not member of a cluster.

    Or else the following message will appear:
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