Harden on-premises XenMobile appliance(s)

The Citrix XenMobile (Citrix Endpoint Management) on-premises appliance comes default with no hardening. This means that running SSLLabs against the mdm ssl_bridge you will get the following score: As you can see not the best setup 😉 I noticed that a lot of XenMobile, on-premises, environments aren’t hardend. So here… Continue reading

Getting a perfect A+ ssllabs.com score

Yesterday evening I was trying to get my A+ score even better. Currently I was having this score: And offcourse, nerds as we are, I wanted to get the perfect score. With perfect I mean that all bars are 100% green. On my Technical Fellows whatsapp group we where challenging… Continue reading

Scoring an A+ In Securityheaders.io

At the moment we all know how to score an A+ in ssllabs.com for our NetScaler Gateway but can we also score an A+ on securityheaders.io? My test environment currently has this score on ssllabs.com And this score on securityheaders.io As you can see I already did some preparations before… Continue reading