Getting a perfect A+ score

Yesterday evening I was trying to get my A+ score even better. Currently I was having this score:

And offcourse, nerds as we are, I wanted to get the perfect score. With perfect I mean that all bars are 100% green. On my Technical Fellows whatsapp group we where challenging each other to get this working.

There are a couple of posts on the web showing how to score an A+, Citrix has this blog post covering that:

But how to get the perfect score?

There are a couple of things you need to tweak:

1: Get yourself a 4K certificate; (100% Key Exchange)

2: Remove all 128bits ciphers; (100% Cipher Strength)

3: Remove DH key (DH Key is maxxed at 2048 bits); (100% Key Exchange)

4: Remove the ECC Curves 256 and lower;. (100% Key Exchange)

5: Uncheck all SSL protocols except TLS1.2. (100% Protocol Support)

This will give you this perfect score:

I even added a CAA dns record so I have CAA support. 🙂

Thanks Erik Bakker, Henry Heres and Ruud Huud.

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