Password Expired/Change Page Netscaler

When users need to change their password on the Netscaler page. They see the following screen:

When they type a password which is not compliant with password requirement they see the following screen:

The problem is that the user doesn’t know what’s wrong. I want to let them know, before the error, that they must type a password which meets password requirements. So the screen must look like this:


This can be accomplished by doing the following:

  1. WINSCP into the Netscaler and download: /var/netscaler/gui/vpn/resources/en.xml
  2. Edit en.xml
    • Change: Password Expired. Please enter a new password.
    • Into: Password Expires. Please enter a new password. Keep in mind the length, complexity and history requirements of the domain.
  3. Create the following folder structure on the netscaler: /var/customizations/resources
  4. Upload the modified en.xml to: /var/customizations/resources/en.xml
  5. If not exist, create the following file: /flash/nsconfig/rc.netscaler
  6. Edit the created file.
  7. Add: cp –f /var/customizations/resources/en.xml /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn/resources/en.xml
  8. Reboot netscaler

Now when the netscaler boots, it will copy the modified file over the original file. This needs to be done every time the netscaler boots.

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