When using Microsoft User Profile Disks within XenApp/XenDesktop environment you always ending up creating some scripts to enable this.

Trond created a nice article howto configure this: https://xenappblog.com/2016/user-profile-disk-citrix/

But I want a bit more flexiblity to the configuation without changing the startup script every time.

I’ve created a Group Policy Template to do the following:

  • Enable / Disable User Profile Disks;
  • Configure the file share location;
  • Configure the XML Configuration file name and location.

Copy the two files to the correct locations (More info) and give it a try 😉

Within the ZIP file there is also a UvhdRoamingPolicy.xml file. This file should be placed in C:\Windows\RemotePackages\RDFarm on each machine where UPD’s are being used. You can configure this within the same GPO in the Preferences section.

Click to: Download

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