Create Bootable USB stick to install Windows 2008/Vista/7

Update2: (On top of this post, just for your convenience)

There is a much easier way Knipogende emoticon

  1. Open an elevated command prompt on Windows 7
  2. Open Diskpart
  3. List volume (remember the volume number of the usb stick)
  4. Select volume # (3 = the number of the usb stick)
  5. Clean (This will wipe the USB stick)
  6. Create partition primary
  7. Select partition 1
  8. Format fs=fat32 quick
  9. Assign
  10. Active
  11. Leave Diskpart
  12. Copy the installation DVD on the usb stick
  13. Happy installing Knipogende emoticon

In this tutorial I explain how to create a bootable USB stick for installing Windows 2008/2008 R2/Vista/windows 7. First, format the stick. Fat32/ntfs doesn’t matter. (Remember that fat32 doesn’t support files larger then 4GB)


On the Windows 7 / Server 2008 install media in the folder "Boot” there is an executable named: Bootsect.exe

Open a command prompt, navigate to the directory boot (on the media).
And run: Bootsect.exe /nt60 F: (where f: is the formatted USB stick)


Now, copy the installer media to the USB stick. Or, in my case, the Task Sequence Bootable Media. (SCCM 2007)


Your, bootable media is ready. 😉


Q: Hey Jeroen, bootsect.exe doesn’t work.. I’m getting an access denied.

A: Run you command prompt in elevated mode 😉

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